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Puppies are so cute!!!!!!!!!
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'I'm okay' means I'm dying
At one time I loved you.
I still do.
You never loved me.
I would tell myself that.
I never really realized it until a friend told me.
Then it hit me.
It hit me hard.
I cried so many tears.
Those being left unseen to you.
I just locked myself in my room.
I didn't let anyone talk to me.
I didn't want anyone to talk to me.
I didn't want to talk.
I couldn't explain how hurt I felt.
To tell myself everyday,
I'm fat, I'm ugly, nobody likes me.
Then for you to say he doesn't like you.
I told you I was okay but I'm not.
I never will be.
I won't be okay.
:icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 4 21
Awesome thingy by 1313Cupcake13 Awesome thingy :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 3 0 Carwee by 1313Cupcake13 Carwee :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 0 0 The other kitty by 1313Cupcake13 The other kitty :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 3 2 My aunt got kitties by 1313Cupcake13 My aunt got kitties :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 2 3 I got glasses! :D by 1313Cupcake13 I got glasses! :D :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 2 7
That smile you hate
Just because I don't cut
Doesn't mean my life is good
Because it's not
It's not good just because I don't have beautiful scars
Music makes me strong
Firmly placed in what I believe
I'm not moving
I've been told to stand up to your attempts
I'm not going to put up with your crap
I won't. I'm not letting it bother me anymore
You can't knock the smirk off my face
No matter how hard you slap me
It's still there
So don't waste your time on me
Enough time has been wasted to change me
But nothing's changed
Just my attitude
And that smile you hate so much
:icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 5 9
Mature content
Don't Forget :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 6 24
Marley c: by 1313Cupcake13 Marley c: :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 4 8 Chicken! by 1313Cupcake13 Chicken! :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 2 10 Calves by 1313Cupcake13 Calves :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 1 0 Oh Gale by 1313Cupcake13 Oh Gale :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 4 3 Bri by 1313Cupcake13 Bri :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 0 14 Aubree! by 1313Cupcake13 Aubree! :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 1 6 Yep that's me... With this thingy on my head by 1313Cupcake13 Yep that's me... With this thingy on my head :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 3 5 Puberty is doing it in the US by 1313Cupcake13 Puberty is doing it in the US :icon1313cupcake13:1313Cupcake13 14 11


I just realized...
I've had this dA for the same amount of time it takes a baby to grow in someone's womb
:iconjetpackdino:JetpackDino 1 2
Her First Summer by dashakern Her First Summer :icondashakern:dashakern 64 9 Jade Thirlwall collection by slipknot012345678 Jade Thirlwall collection :iconslipknot012345678:slipknot012345678 1 0 Jesy Nelson collection by slipknot012345678 Jesy Nelson collection :iconslipknot012345678:slipknot012345678 2 0 Perrie Edwards collection by slipknot012345678 Perrie Edwards collection :iconslipknot012345678:slipknot012345678 2 0 Im goregeous right? heh. green day! by onedirectionsauce Im goregeous right? heh. green day! :icononedirectionsauce:onedirectionsauce 10 37 Mixer's C: by StefanyLaqueQuiere Mixer's C: :iconstefanylaquequiere:StefanyLaqueQuiere 2 0 How You Doin'? by AnaPerez1 How You Doin'? :iconanaperez1:AnaPerez1 5 0 Little MIx collection by slipknot012345678 Little MIx collection :iconslipknot012345678:slipknot012345678 2 0 They Are My Heroes! | Portada Little Mix by aviedictions They Are My Heroes! | Portada Little Mix :iconaviedictions:aviedictions 6 2 Stay Beautiful | Portada Perrie Edwards by aviedictions Stay Beautiful | Portada Perrie Edwards :iconaviedictions:aviedictions 6 0
Taylor Swift 30 Day Challenge in 1 day!
 1 - The first Taylor Swift song you heard?
Tim McGraw
2 - When did you become a Taylor Swift fan?
When I first heard Tim McGraw, when I was about 7
3 - What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?
ooh, that's hard. I would have to say...... Speak Now
4 - What is your favorite Taylor Swift music video?
Ours. I like the whole idea of it.
5 - How many Taylor Swift concerts have you been to?
6 - What is your favorite Taylor Swift performance?
Love Story at her Fearless Tour. (I watched it on TV, the Fearless Tour documentary)
7 - What is the Taylor Swift song that you most relate to?
Probably Teardrops on My Guitar
8 - What is your favorite Taylor Swift picture?
um...... Whenever she makes a heart with her hands
9 - What is something that you miss about Taylor Swift?
Nothing. She just got older.
 10 - What is your favorite outfit Taylor Swift has worn to an award show?
um....... the dress she wore to the 2008 ACM awards.
 11 - What is your favori
:iconpinkdiamond810:pinkdiamond810 1 2
Webcam #1 Pezz by MyNameIsMariana Webcam #1 Pezz :iconmynameismariana:MyNameIsMariana 2 1 Dream Sunset by TheGerm84 Dream Sunset :iconthegerm84:TheGerm84 11 4 Au-dessus des nuages, le ciel est toujours bleu by elic4vet Au-dessus des nuages, le ciel est toujours bleu :iconelic4vet:elic4vet 4 0 Little Mix by tomColt15 Little Mix :icontomcolt15:tomColt15 36 6


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I don't really care how much you donate. That's why I put it at the bottom
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Hi peoples of deviantart! You can either send me a note, comment on this journal, or comment on my page if you want to talk :D 


:heart: *Cupcake*
  • Listening to: Tonight - Seether
  • Reading: Mockingjay!!!!!!!
  • Watching: The emoticon C:
  • Playing: Minecraft! 8D
  • Eating: Hungry!
  • Drinking: My spit


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
JUST MARRIED!!!!!!!! - 3/5/13 :tighthug::tighthug:

LyricDiAngelo + 1313Cupcake13!! Loooove you!! :D:D

About me:
My actual name is Sara :dummy:
Nicknames: Cuppieasm, Cupcake, Chandler... all 'c' names O.o Mommy, Ashley, Juanito Burrito
I am a: Swiftie, Little Mixer, Brat, Rusher
Favorite Song: MONEY FOR NOTHING!!!!! - Dire Straights!!, Lost It All - Black Veil Brides

Here's something you should know about me. This and only this! ♂+♀=♥ - Put this on your page if you agree

I'm a Jehovah's Witness!!!! :) And VERY proud!!! :pray:
I talk to much :blahblah:
I looooooooooove to read :bookdiva: :reading:
I loooooooooooooooooooooove taking pictures!!! :camera:
I love all my cds!! :cd:
I am always hungry/eating :chew::hungry:
I'm a huge cowgirl! :cowboy:
dA is the best!!! :dalove:
I love my deviations dearly!! :deviation:
I am very interested in space science :diny::earth::star:
I have rarely have one of these :dollarus:
I watch a LOT of movies!!! :film:
Flowers are perfect no matter what time they are given :) :flowerpot:
I'm gonna get a hunting license next year!!! :D :gun: Yay!!!!
I love my house!!! :house:
I'll take a hug anytime :hug::glomp::tighthug:
I get ideas right before I fall asleep then I forget in the morning :c :idea:
I love the library!!! :library:
I only drink soy milk :milk:
I listen to music way too much!! :music::tunes::stereo:
I love talking through notes :) :note:
Katniss, the girl on fire :onfire:
I love to party!! :party:
I actually really hate computers! :pc:
I always use a pencil when I draw. :pencil:
I would rather call then text :phonecall:
I. LOVE. PIE!!!!!!!!! :pie:
I eat too much popcorn :popcorn:
I love the rain!! :raincloud:
I love to sing!! :sing:
I enjoy sleeping :) :sleep: :sleepy:
I love to sneeze! :sneeze:
I'm pretty strong! :strong:
I drink tons of tea (= :tea:
I write ALL THE TIME!! :typerhappy:
I don't usually get writers block but when I do, it SUCKS!!!!! :writersblock:
Song lines that I love :heart:
☮ I've been living a lonely life- Ho Hey
☮ And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit, to the top, don't hold back- ...I'm never changing who I am- It's Time
☮ Why do we fall in love so easy, even when it's not right- Try
☮ I'll do anything for you - Whatcha Say
☮ My eyes are blue but I'm seeing red and I just can't shake you outta my head - Love Drunk
☮ So now what's your excuse? What do we have to lose? - Turn Your Face
☮ So shut your eyes, kiss me goodbye, and sleep - Sleep
☮ This world is after me - Bulletproof Heart
☮ If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out first hand what it's like to be me - The End
☮ You heard the news that you're dead - Dead
☮ I would sing you to sleep, never let them take the light behind your eyes - The Light Behind Your Eyes
☮ Fame is now inject-able - Planetary(GO!)
☮ Fat cat's had a heart attack - Uprising
☮ I'm not laughing, you're not joking, I'm not dead I only dress that way - Boy Division
☮ Let's blow an artery, eat plastic surgery - Na Na Na
☮ You don't know a thing about this life - Ambulance
☮ I've got a grenade and its got your name on it. I'm gonna spit on your grave and engrave a d*c* on it... What would you do if I told you I hate you? - Dead Bite
☮ Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone - crushcrushcrush
☮ I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid walk this world alone. Honey if you stay I'll be forgiven. Nothing you can say can stop me going home - Famous Last Words
☮ The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing women that they looked better in their makeup - Thin Line
☮ As my soul's laid to rest, what is left of my body? Or am I just a shell? - In The End
☮ Rise up and celebrate your life - Ritual
☮ The star that burned so bright faded the fastest - Done For You
☮ I'm a loaded gun, an only son, but I'm nobody's hero. I've come undone - Nobody's Hero
☮ I ruled the world. With these hands I shook, the heavens to the ground - Lost It All
☮ We're bored to death in heaven and all alone in hell. We only want to be ourselves - Fallen Angels
☮ Alone at last we sit and fight. We've lost all faith in this crazy life - Knives And Pens
☮ I believe, that we all fall down sometimes - Lost It All
☮ In the end as we faded to the night. Who will tell the story of your life? - In The End
☮ We booked our flights those years ago. I said I love you as I left you. Regrets still haunt my hollow head but I promised you, I will be home again - The Morticians Daughter
☮ So I'm not giving up, won't let you suffocate me, you find your hell is home - Coffin
☮ Born a saint, but with every sin I still want to be holy - In The End
☮ The feeling in our hearts won't ever fade away. We stand tall(united). Watch them fall(divided)... fight for all you know. When your backs against the wall. Stand against the liars. Stronger than before. When you life becomes a war, set the world on fire - Set The World On Fire
☮ It's not wasted. It's all done for you - Done For You
Q: How do you know Adam isn't black?
A: Because you don't take ribs from a black man :XD:
"Everybody is smart but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb it will live its entire life believing it is stupid." -Albert Einstein
When I was five my mother told me happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me to write down what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down happy. They told me I didn't understand the assignment. I told them they didn't understand life." -John Lennon
"There's nothing and no one worth killing yourself over." - Gerard Way
MY AWESOME FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!
skifcha - Dubstep Hipster Cat by HavickArt I Love Horses Stamp by 123Stamps123 Different... by sirocco-rc Icecream Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Nice Butt Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Bus Stamp by Kezzi-Rose B-Mo Hello Stamp by Kawaii-Okami iPod Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Patrick and Spongebob by Fyi-Sus Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo I love Big Bang Theory by nekomimipii sheldon- big bang theory stamp by scribblin:thumb269393372: Im a tard with my friends by maxiswhat I'M A KIRBY FAN by oceanographergrl MARVEL Gwen + Peter Stamp by TwilightProwler Friends by Carribe24 Awesome Friends Stamp by Toxic-Mario Periodic Table Stamp by SailorSolar Joeys weird eyecontact stamp by x-Acre-x Three Days Grace Stamp by LuxDani Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Check The Gallery... by rJoyceyy Stamp: BoyXGirl Shipper. by Catthylove The Big Bang Theory Stamp by TheMan268 Give a Llama Get a Llama Pixel Stamp by Sleepy-Stardust Draw Close to Jehovah by PumpkinToast I'm a JW by PumpkinToast Gerard Way - Stamp by evilrikku MCR stamp by the-emo-detective Party Poison Stamp by Ashqtara Kobra Kid Stamp by Ashqtara Fun Ghoul Stamp by Ashqtara Jet Star Stamp by Ashqtara infinityonhigh x fall out boy. by Valotoxin I Sniff Books by MademoiselleGrief Nothing else to do. by Tbearmn22 Warning stamp by Fireyskull97 STAMP: You 'Like' This by neurotripsy Patrick loves you by ARTic-Weather Ugly barnacle stamp by ARTic-Weather I just found a Stamp and I... by witch13888 Pierce The Veil stamp 1 by pvpsi Pierce The Veil Stamp 2 by pvpsi Everyone Loves Pie Stamp by OrigamiNinja41 Sing by SandyOtakuSuki people allergy stamp - clean by tirsden:thumb328846763: Awkward by Fyi-Sus Drink Coffee Stamp by urnightmare [Stamp] Detective Sarcasm by Creepiest Got MCR? by PrettyvelvetPawn MyChem Stamp by DeLiiaMCR Ghost of you ONE. by lock-and-loadx:thumb365764621: Music is my lifeline by pjuk DOMO KUN by Fyi-Sus
Mondays by Davidgtza2 Party time! by Catthylove Stamp: I support big stamps. by Catthylove Joey Finds out Stamp by x-Acre-x
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I adopted Errorina…
Taylor loves YOU!!!!!!!

taylor swift photo: -Fearless-photoshoot-fearless-taylor-swift-album-12202272-1707-2 -Fearless-photoshoot-fearless-taylor-swift-album-12202272-1707-2_zpsdd183d5b.jpg

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